There are a number of companies in the market offering an on page optimization service to increase the traffic to your site but choosing the right company can be confusing, especially when you’re looking at the offers from the likes of Google. For example on page optimization refers to a set of processes undertaken to improve the quality of your website. These include things like increasing your site’s search engine rankings and getting it linked to more authoritative sites such as those run by the major search engines. However first thing to do, before you sign up for any such program, it is worth checking that you are indeed getting what you pay for.

The best on page optimization service should undertake to firstly analyze your site to establish just what your core audience is and what keywords your potential customers will use when searching for your particular product or service. It is important then to build a keyword strategy around these keywords so that you can achieve the maximum results. You will need to analyse your core audience and identify any key phrases or buzzwords which may not be in use but which could be used in a far more targeted way to bring in new prospects. Keyword research is one of the key factors in this together with building a keyword strategy and developing a content-rich website.

Once the keywords have been identified and a keyword strategy developed it is time to look at the other aspects of this on page optimization service. This may include link building. Link building is a crucial part of almost any SEO campaign and a good optimization company will be able to offer a full range of services including effective article submissions, directory submissions, social media marketing and blog posts. However there is another aspect to this which is often overlooked and that is keyword analysis. Keywords that appear several times on a single page in the search engines will achieve better results than a single keyword used several times which may not have much search volume.

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