There is no arguing that havaianas flip flops | Flop Store were the most popular type of footwear for ladies in the sixties. The thing is though that even when was eighteen no one believed feet were two sizes larger than they in fact were (do not ask). That’s why these oversized ladies shoes from Havaianas never made it to the closets of most American women. When realized (no pun intended) that indeed needed very good shoes indeed, pair of flip-flops from Havaianas mysteriously disappeared back into the closet where they belong.

Take The Stress Out Of Havaianas Flip Flops

In this day and age where technology has advanced so much, shoe manufacturers have advanced the way in which they make their products in many ways. One such advancement is making their products more comfortable and as such the Havaianas flip flop is now available with padded soles. So as to increase comfort even further, the straps on these shoes are padded to the same degree as the soles on havaianas. Not only does the padded straps make the shoes much more comfortable, but also it makes walking on the beach a pleasant experience.

Some more recent advances in the design of havaianas flip flops include the addition of thin rubber on the outsole. Thin rubber on the outsole helps reduce and in some cases eliminates the pain associated with too much walking or standing in ones flip flop, but mostly helps to reduce the damage to the soles of the shoe itself. Also rubber on the sole will help your feet stay dry. Lastly, and probably most importantly, the addition of a buckle on the heel of the shoe is designed to keep water from getting into the shoe and thereby damaging the rubber on the soles.

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