western suburbs melbourne

The Western Suburbs refers to the outer area right of the Melbourne Central Business District, in Victoria, Australia. This is a vibrant and thriving area in which to live and has everything that makes for a good suburban lifestyle. You will find everything from great restaurants to trendy shops to family entertainment centers to sparkling spas. There are also some attractive public recreational areas like the Yarra River, Royal Botanic Park, Flinders Street, and Geelong Beach, just to name a few. If you want to get away from it all, you can even choose to live in this charming area!


If you are looking for a place to call home but don’t want to sacrifice your lifestyle and comfort for the sake of saving money, the western suburbs Melbourne is a great option for you. Real estate values have increased significantly in recent years, and homes and properties are much more affordable than ever. Due to this significant growth in the region, there are many new developments dotting the area that have made it an even more desirable place to live. In addition to a wide selection of housing options, there are also excellent amenities to be found in this part of Melbourne.


With its close proximity to the city and central business district, you will find easy access to major businesses like Kmart, Woolworths, Costco, Macies, opersons, BP, Sony, JBonsai and so much more. It is also close to Melbourne University, which is why students love this region. And with the fast-paced lifestyle that you will experience, you will never need to worry about missing out on a good film, concert or other event. So make sure to keep these Melburnian real estate facts in mind as you look to make a real estate investment in this amazing area!

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