killara childcare

Killara is a beautiful place in the Indian state of Kerala, which attracts tourists from all over the world especially those who are looking for peace and quiet. Located in the district of Kollam in the southern part of the state, the Killara centre is a reputed educational institution located in the backwaters of Killara. The Killara centre manager Mr. V. S. Markandya is a renowned educationist who has gained much reputation over the years for his excellent work in the field of early childhood development. The Killara centre is well equipped with well-qualified teachers and other staff who give special attention to the development of the children. According to the latest records, there are presently around 223 children attending the Killara Early Childhood Development School.


The Killara LittleGiants Development School has been identified as one of the best preschool age centres in India that offers quality education at very affordable prices. In addition, it also offers special care to the handicapped children and old people. The primary objective of the Killara preschool age center is to prepare the preschool age children for their entry-level jobs and also the college level exams. The Killara preschool age students have been successful in getting good grades in science, math and English and this has helped them in securing a decent job opportunity in the future.


The centre offers a host of facilities that helps the parents to keep their children safe and happy. For instance, the centre has a swimming pool which can be used by the kids during the summer months. There are separate areas for the girls and boys, where they can play games. Another attraction of the Killara Early Childhood Development School is the presence of the Kerala Learning Centre which offers different classes such as kindergarten education, science education, art education and music classes. This centre is one of the first primary schools in Kerala to introduce the concept of equal opportunity to every child. As per the latest records, there are presently around 1300 632 children enrolled in the Killara Early Childhood Development School.

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