Is Kartra Worth It? | In many business settings, a cost-effective, easy-to-use and powerful lead generation and nurturing software product like Kartra can be a great asset. While it’s very important to learn the appropriate lead nurturing software tool for your business, the second big question many business owners have is: Is Kartra really worth it? The authors of this Kartra review will highlight Kartra’s key features, pricing, competition and its advantages and disadvantages. The good news is that many of these key issues are covered in greater detail below.

Is Kartra Worth It

Is Kartra Worth It?

One of the best features of Kartra is its low price. This low starting cost allows motivated sellers to use the tool in their own business for free. The authors of this Kartra review also point out that it’s a very flexible product offering an excellent range of functionality for a wide range of campaigns. The first thing you may notice is that many of the functions of this simple lead generator are actually integrated into your affiliate program platform. This means that not only can you automatically generate and send out email messages with links to your affiliates offers, but you can also link the email messages to your website. As you might expect, this functionality is excellent for increasing your online visibility.

However, as noted above, the strength of Kartra lies in its ability to combine functionality and marketing techniques from multiple sources. As such many affiliates have reported greater conversions with the use of additional features offered by Kartra. This includes features like the ability to integrate your website with your email autoresponder, the ability to include URL links to your affiliate offers on landing pages and the ability to incorporate Google AdWords ads to your landing pages. In addition to all these features, many affiliates have reported higher conversion rates with the use of customer loyalty programs. In other words, by providing customers with incentives such as discounted products and freebies, you will substantially increase your sales Funnel and overall revenue performance.

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