Close protection, also called executive close protection, refers to risk mitigation and security measures taken to guarantee the personal safety of VIPs or those people who can be exposed to high personal risk due to their employment, association, stature or geographical location. Close protection officers are professionally trained to close the gap between a threat or possible attack by a dangerous person and the victim’s physical, emotional and psychological safety. They do this by making sure that VIP targets remain in or near their safe place at all times and alert them at once if danger is perceived. Click Here –

How to choose Close Protection Officers

Close protection is practiced by numerous law enforcement agencies and corporate security personnel in both the private and public sectors as a way to protect their employees, their families and their assets. The primary reasons for hiring security guards are to prevent against, apprehend or defend against violent crime, protect valuable from theft or loss, guard the premises during emergencies and respond to critical situations. Close protection bodyguards may also be called in to provide extra service such as protecting a production site from trespassers or assisting a department in emergency operations.

The close protection agency hires officers, technicians and supervisors specifically intended for bodyguard duty. Their duties include guarding VIPs and corporate executives from any threat or danger and transporting them to their specified locations. They also offer protection to those on duty at the facility during off hours and handle any emergencies concerning the public. A Bodyguard is only available for a limited amount of time and cannot be used for a protracted period of time. The amount of time a bodyguard will remain on duty will depend on the assignment and the level of protection provided by the agency.

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