Turkish Carpets

turkish carpets

Turkish carpets have a unique aesthetic and are renowned for their durability. Wool is the most popular pile material for Turkish rugs, as it is soft, durable and inexpensive. Sheep wool is also less likely to be dirty than cotton, does not react to electrostatic charges, and is a good insulator. It also takes dyes well. The traditional method of spinning sheep’s wool involves tying the ends of the fibers together.

Traditionally Made On The Floor

These rugs have a wide range of design and style, ranging from flat-woven kilims to luxurious, knotted rugs. Using a special method called Ghiordes knotting, Turkish rugs use two warp yarns and loop a yarn around them, giving them their lushness and durability. Different regions of Turkey produce different types of Turkish rugs, and their motifs reflect their origin.

The design and color of Turkish carpets is a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage. Its history dates back to nomadic times when rugs were placed in the center of nomadic tents. The intricate design and color of Turkish carpets require knowledge of pre-Anatolian Turkish culture. Besides historical and geographical factors, Turkish carpets are known as lucky charms. They are made from a unique combination of wool and cotton, and are the result of a long and varied culture.

Besides color, Turkish carpets have many symbolic meanings. The sky is blue, and the colors of Turkish carpets reflect this. They were traditionally made with geometric motifs on the ground. The design was traditionally made on the floor, and the colors used were selected for the carpet’s overall aesthetic value. A Turkish rug’s design can also convey meanings, including respect and love. There are countless examples of Turkish carpets.

Online Kimono Fashion Stores

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Finding a Kimono Haori Fashion Shop

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