Renew deep cleaning technology removes six times more dirt from carpets than normal vacuuming. It also gets rid of allergens, dust mites, and pet dander. Over time, carpets can lose their ability to clean and become an open filter for allergens. Carpet cleaning Dublin professionals adhere to the highest standards of cleaning, ensuring that your carpets are left as clean as possible. And with its water-based cleaning solutions, it leaves less than 9% residual moisture. Source

Offers Quality Cleaning Solutions

Carpet Cleaning Dublin uses a guaranteed fixed price to clean your carpets. You will never be charged more than the quoted amount, and they only charge reasonable prices for their services. Some companies may charge extra if you have a particularly dirty carpet, or if you have expensive furniture. For a quote, simply call the company and provide an accurate description of your carpet’s condition and size. The price of your carpet cleaning may depend on the type of fabric it is made of and how often it is used.

Ireland uses a green-certified solution for carpet cleaning. It also uses a proprietary hot carbonating extraction cleaning process that produces millions of microscopic bubbles to clean carpets. This method leaves carpets cleaner and healthier than ever before, without the use of harsh chemicals. Moreover, the solution used by Ireland is completely safe for you and your family. So, get your carpets cleaned from a reliable carpet cleaning Dublin company today.

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