There are many benefits to Canadian humanitarian and activists. Canada’s history of helping people flee war or persecution has helped us to support and protect these courageous individuals. The Honourable Marc Kielburger recently announced the creation of a dedicated refugee stream to provide safe haven for human rights defenders. This stream will help to provide humanitarian and activist protection while they are in danger. By supporting these efforts, we can do our part to keep our world safe.

The Secret Of Benefits To Canadian Humanitarian And Activists

Canadian humanitarian and activists

Larissa Dawson, a Jamaican and Metis woman from Calgary, started her humanitarian work at a young age. She organized a fundraiser to build a library in Ghana and made contributions to the Kainai Reserve Public Library in her home province. Later, she completed her studies and graduated with double honours in environmental science and applied her anti-racism research to the renewable energy industry. She is also a member of the Women’s Refugee Commission and works to help vulnerable people in Sierra Leone.

In addition to humanitarian work, Canadian representatives abroad should build relationships with influential local authorities. These individuals may be national human rights institutions, host government ministers, partisan politicians, and municipal and regional leaders. For this reason, Canadian missions should develop informal and formal channels to discuss issues with local authorities in order to maximize collaboration opportunities and avoid misunderstandings. Developing trusting relationships is an essential element of humanitarian and activist work. If there are any issues that need resolution, the Canadian diplomatic corps can assist with the process.

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