Aromatic cannabis is simply a group of flowering aromatic plants in the Genus Cannabaceae. It is considered one of the most common and most important species of this genus. There are about sixty-seven species of the entire genus with a further twenty-two genera. The total number of species is uncertain. Most authorities believe that there are around one hundred and twenty species of the entire genus, while other sources place the number much lower. Resource –

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The calyx – or rhizome – is the part of the flower that encases the stigma. On its base is the apothecium, which contains the pollen. The stigma is attached to the outside of the calyx by a thin cord of nerves and vascular. This cord carries the pollen to the flower, where it is dispersed in the air by the wind. The calyx and apothecium are separated by a thin wall of tissue, called the stroma. Each flower has its own pollen gland.

The flowers are produced by asexually reproducing male flowers. In contrast to other flowering plants the females have only one set of flowers on the stem with two-thirds of the pistils positioned above the stigma. The flowers are short-lived and bloom during late summer or early fall. Male plants of cannabis flowers are smaller than those of females; the female plants have a completely black, glossy coat on the stems, and the flowers themselves have small white blooms. In addition to having one set of flowers on the stem of the female marijuana plant has two sets of flowers on the lower surface of the plant.

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